Shortly before Christmas, the Government announced it's preferred route for the proposed HS2b rail link from the West Midlands to Leeds.
I'm sure you were already aware that the proposed HS2b route was likely to pass close to Measham, and would therefore be fairly close to our village.
The latest route, which is now the subject of government consultation, has been moved to the east of Measham and is therefore now nearer to Norton Juxta Twycross and approximately 1 mile from the western edge of our village (Norton House Farm).
It still seems unlikely that this revised location will cause any serious noise issues for our village once the railway is constructed (if indeed it ever is).
However, there could be traffic issues for our village and other local villages during any HS2b construction work. HS2b will also include work to local roads, including the M42, which could include work at junction 11. It is vital that construction plans recognise and allow for effect of road work on local people, and seek to minimise the impact of any works for us.
Twycross Parish Council has already agreed that it will monitor the HS2b proposals and will work with others to try and minimise the impact of any construction work for local residents.
You can view the latest government proposals for HS2b by visiting (select 'HS2 Route refinement consultation 2016), and you can also comment on the proposals directly by completing an electronic form or by sending written comments by email or post. The website explains how to do this. Consultation ends on the 9th March 2017.
Alan Davies (Cock Lane resident and Chairman of Twycross Parish Council 2016/17)'   

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NJT Defibrillator

We now have a Public Access Defibrillator

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Pavement Cleanup

Please clean-up after your dog

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Play Area Repairs

The play area has now been repaired.

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