Village Information Poster for JANUARY


Wednesday 18th January 2017 and Thursday 9th February 2017

New Stroke and Disability Club starting at Measham Library Wednesday 11th January 1pm – 3pm (and then each Wednesday afternoon)

This new club will support those who have been affected by stroke or disability. It will be a great opportunity to socialise, share experiences and take part in recreational activities including games, conversation, day trips, talks and presentations by visiting speakers. Contact: Nesta Rosser 07807376457 or 01530 588528 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NEW SURGERY SHUTTLE: We're delighted that The Boardman-Weston Charitable Fund has kindly purchased and fully funded a new minibus. As before, the Surgery Shuttle will operate a scheduled service to our out-lying villages. Our patients living in Measham can take advantage of the service on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

The minibus can be booked by telephone at the time of making your appointment or in person with our reception staff.


COLD WEATHER: Follow these tips to keep you, your family and those around you warm and well in extremely cold weather:

* Draw your curtains at dusk and keep your doors closed to block out draughts.

* Have regular hot drinks and eat at least one hot meal a day if possible. Eating regularly helps keep energy levels up during winter.

* Wear several light layers of warm clothes (rather than one chunky layer).

* Keep as active in your home as possible.

* Wrap up warm and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go outside on cold days.

* If you have reduced mobility, are 65 or over, or have a health condition such as heart or lung disease, you should heat your home to at least 18C. It's a good idea to keep your bedroom at this temperature all night if you can and make sure you wear enough clothes to stay warm. During the day, you may prefer your living room to be slightly warmer.

Measham Medical Unit


Village Information Poster for NOVEMBER


Update on the installation of our new Clinical Computer System: The online system for booking appointments and for ordering prescriptions is now up and running again. Please remember that in order for us to provide access for you, we need you to come in person with photo ID to the Medical Unit.

We are stopping the tick-and-save scheme for dispensary, and will now offer online access, delivery service for dispensary patients over 60, or ‘the old fashioned way’ of bringing your slip in.

SELF CARE means knowing how to keep fit and healthy, how to deal with medicines appropriately, manage self-treatable conditions and when to seek appropriate clinical help.

If you have a long-term condition, self care is about understanding that condition and how to live with it.

This year’s Self Care Week takes place from November 14-20, and aims to help you become more knowledgeable about health and lifestyle options that will impact positively on your physical and mental wellbeing. For more information, visit: Remember: Small changes in activity levels can make really big changes in your health and well-being.

And a reminder: Don’t forget that flu vaccinations are still available at the surgery for all those patients who are entitled (patients 65 and over, as well as patients with certain conditions. Call in for your vaccination or ring us and book an appointment.

Measham Medical Unit

Village Information Poster for OCTOBER

IT’S ALL CHANGE AT THE SURGERY from 19th OCTOBER!! These changes might affect you!

Our change to SystmOne (our new Clinical Computer System) is now well underway – the actual date for changeover is 19th October 2016.

* Results (including bloods, x-rays and scans) will not be available until 24th October.

* Online services will be unavailable until at least 30th October and new pins and passwords will have to be issued to patients in person with photo id.

* In the week beginning 17th October, we will be operating urgent care and medical emergency surgeries only, and on 19th, 20th and 21st October, our appointments lines will be closed whilst we transfer our appointment book to the new system.

Flu vaccinations Don’t forget that flu vaccinations are now available at the surgery for all those patients who are entitled (patients 65 and over, as well as patients with conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, liver or kidney disease, pregnant women, neurological conditions. Call in for your vaccination or ring us and book an appointment.

Tip of the month

If you have recently moved into the area then don’t forget to register at the surgery.

For more information, visit our website:

Notice Board

15 Mar 2016 09:46 - Super User
NJT Defibrillator

We now have a Public Access Defibrillator

This is for emergency use, and may save someone's life.



Please [ ... ]

22 Jan 2016 13:02 - Super User
Pavement Cleanup

Please clean-up after your dog

16 Oct 2015 10:11 - Super User
Play Area Repairs

The play area has now been repaired.

The gate has been replaced.

Please treat the play area with respect, [ ... ]

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