A villager called Frederick Bowen kept a series of diaries from 1881 until 1920. He was a farm labourer and miller.

He recalled that in 1881 many people were buried by snow and a number froze to death. In Atherstone hailstones fell and the town was flooded, and many went home for dinner in boats.

On 4th April 1889, the Prince of Wales came to Gopsall and later attended Leicester races. In 1891 Queen Victoria passed through Snarestone on her way to Derby to lay a stone at the infirmary.

His first diary stated that the railway from Nuneaton to Ashby had opened in 1873 and the first load of Indian corn was unloaded at Snarestone station.

He recalled Lord Curzon’s coming of age when 900 bottles of champagne were consumed, and finally in 1919 Earl Howe’s estate at Gotham in Nottinghamshire and Gopsall were sold and the flag pole at the hall came down forever. The last entry in his diary came in 1920 and said, “hand will not write.” He died in 1922 aged 75 years.

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